A Graduate Programme

You have the opportunity to mould the graduates into exactly what you need, so they become an integrated part of the organisational culture. The fact that graduates have developed a habit of learning signifies that they will constantly seek to learn at the workplace. Moreover, one of the main advantages of graduates is a high degree of flexibility. They do not have any firm work patterns in their heads yet. Consequently, they often adapt to the workplace a lot easier than older employees. They are also not easily scared away by challenges and obstacles. In many ways, graduates can be perceived as a blank canvas which you can affect via your ideas and ways of working.

Graduate programmes are most often tailor-made for high potential, high achieving graduates who wish to contribute to the company in the long-term. Graduates have often applied to the scheme because they believe that they can offer the business a long-term benefit – they want a career path, not just an out-of-university job!

Placing newly educated, talented people in multiple departments of a company allows for feedback and suggestions on which processes are working and what is not. They can also provide insight into how skills can transfer across departments for the benefit of the company as a whole.

Importantly, the company should not assume that they know what is best for the company and for the graduates themselves. The graduates most probably have gathered a lot of insight, so listen to the feedback they provide

Are you thinking about expanding geographically or marketing a new line of products but lacking the manpower to look into the potential of such a project? This is where a graduate programme can prove to be a huge help! The work in these schemes tends to be project-based, where the typical assignments last 3-9 months before the graduate is moved on to a different department/project. In this time, they will be able to provide extensive perceptions into the growth opportunities of the project in question. If you choose to move forward with the initiative, it would also prove ideal to hire the graduate into a position to execute the project upon completion of their graduate scheme.

It’s not always easy to figure out which area of your business the graduate fits into, especially considering the many university degrees designed to educate generalists rather than specialists. A graduate programme allows the graduates to spend a few months in every department. Thereby, you can evaluate where their best skills lie.


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