How Has Technology Changed

December 12, 2018

Most Americans see these cascading changes as a reason for optimism—a bright spot in a sky otherwise clouded with concern over the nation’s economy, government, and public- and private-sector leadership. Just over half of those polled in the new survey said the explosion of digital technologies and connectivity has done more to connect than to […]

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Positive Impacts of Technological Advances

November 2, 2018

We should not miss the opportunities to help people connect with one another using technology. It’s true that new communication methods are useful for people with ill-intent, but the general trendline is that freer communication for more people is a positive thing. It’s no accident that tyrants want to control access to information. Democratized, ubiquitous […]

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How Does Technology Affect Teens

October 7, 2018

Technology is an attention deficit because many kids while doing homework have a phone, laptop, or even TV in front of them, which they constantly are going back and forth from homework to answering a text, or looking at a computer screen, or even going back to watch the television when the episode comes back […]

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